There is no NO NEW FRESH idea, give us a fresh story. xD. I love this drama. the last scene of episode 6 when she was pretending to sleep and he says "i don't know why i always want to protect you' mehn its going to be war for this threesome here on out. i'm so disappointed :(. Yongshin Dec 02 2013 7:35 am Those two were the only actors worth mentioning. I hope the rating of the final episode gonna boost when they release it tomorrow. Flong Nov 15 2013 12:58 am I mean it's your choice if you want to stay mad about other people's comments, so STAY MAD! :(:(:(:(:( i want to see them in the drama!! I really like Kim Tan and Eun Sang together, and it's pretty obvious that they are the big, major couple here. (if ur romantic enough.. kekeekekeee..... >_< ) love LMH and PSH _< good!!! Wealthy parents force their children to marry people of the parents ' choice. )..they bring lifes to that characters.. Hana May 22 2020 7:49 am jenny Oct 24 2013 7:19 pm I love this drama. Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are great actors. Hope Yoona is his female lead! because it includes new artists , although Jung was also a new crystal . yaaaayyy,, still waitting for it to be released ;) 3-Tan's ex girlfriend also is on bad terms with him!! I m very pleased the scene that Kim Tan comforting Rachel Yoo who cries. Great drama. then, be a good commentator ya ... fighting!!! Licorice Apr 15 2016 11:49 am 5 . Let us remember .... Every problems between kim-tan & Eun-Sang generally involve her, in addition to young-do. The pair of Eun sang & Kim Tan surely as the core of this drama, while several other artists have not got such a decent portion, kim won & hyun jo + yeo sol & Myong ju .. jane Jan 03 2014 1:06 am ABOVE ALL,Park Shin Hye RUINS all the kiss scenes!! That's the thing that some people could not see. What a BORING drama this is ? i this kdrama !! One of the most over hyped dramas of the past 2 years, and totally failed to live up to the hype. But in the end, she ended up becoming a woman who just waiting her husband back from work(?). Can't wait for next expisode... Hope for loving and happy ending... sarah Nov 21 2013 8:32 am Excellent character building for a casual kdrama, The Heirs has a solid foundation with all the characters from episode 1. Tonja Nov 30 2013 3:03 pm I like the drama so far, i liked it from the first episode. Love the way it goes and how I wish to get married to a korean man.... rofie Jan 28 2014 9:43 pm Everything was so predictable,or should i say 'spoon feeding', you don't need to use your imagination coz every episode is predictable. It's kinda hard to vote since it's in Hangul but i just click whatever seems possible. Omg! Great job to everyone though! ive watched the heir and it so remarkable,the koreans really proves they are no.1 when it comes to making such a beautiful drama as this,of course with the character of lee min ho and park shin hye and other casts members they made it big to the scene of drama industry.CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I really liked BOF, but I think this one will be so much better. BTW, it is still too soon for me to say anything but...Krystal is a fav because of F(x) and for being Sulli's bestie, whom I just adore....but it is her 1st time acting right? This drama is so overrated. daebak! Let's make the nationwide higher for this next episodes. 35% = 50% of the population mononton korean drama together, the rest watching another drama .. Mariamshin Oct 14 2013 11:56 am Omg this film is so passionate and loving but I recommend to the team that Kim tam won't ignore Cha Eng Sung and Choung Doi would stop interfering that much!! Can anyone post a link pls thank you very much.. Racheal Oct 13 2013 9:43 pm Same story line...Rich guy, poor girl, rich guy fell for poor girl but don't want to show or admit it. But I still like CES with Kim Tan pairing because it's Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho, damn it! Other than that there is nο compare. we see this as boring and cringe because we alrd watch a lot of good drama until now. But it´s a shame it has so many stupid and ridiculous concepts and behaviors; out of logical sense, even for Asia or Korean people!!! Kfeeva Oct 24 2013 11:18 pm The chemistry between PSH and LMH was very awkward and unnatural. i just love the supporting character like rachel, bo na, etc. sammy Dec 05 2013 9:31 pm Her sister fooled her. I watch this drama just for Woo Bin. I'm reading some of the comments and I am wondering - why are you getting so angry if someone criticizes the drama? I love it!!!! I love watching this drama as it is full of wit and romance. a must must watch drama). Tq. SO, I need Eun-Sang to reciprocate just a little more affection! He had one of the strongest characters..he was a guy who stood firmly for his mother and girlfriend no matter the circumstances n kept giving affection to a brother who hardly gave it back..I love the depth of this story and the reality behind it...and who said that dramas must always be comic,funny? Although the actor who plays Young- Do is really a good actor, good looking and cute, I was just thinking and this is just my opinion that, It would be nice to see JKS plays the role of Young- Do, of course with a short hair. :( I would like to congratulate the cast, the director and most especially the script writer you did a good job. meahdey Dec 17 2013 5:34 am It also suggests that park shin hye already, 8. I'm appalled I actually wasted 20 hours watching this drama only to find that there was absolutely no appeal at all. On another note, I love this drama Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho work so well together ! I agree with the last two comments, this drama is overrated and the plot was just average in my opinion. dralove i have to agree with you all the way!!! I wondered maybe u are still in elementry school and not able to respect other human's realities or to distinguish right from wrong correctly.Go and learn some piece of shame atleast not only watching dramas. aszi Nov 20 2013 10:18 am I heard this drama will have 4 lead actors & 4 lead actresses (if I'm not mistaken). There wasn't just cheesy romance in this drama. well,maybe this is not yet the time. I kinda wished that i nvr wasted 20 hours watching this shw. It's okay to have your rose colored glasses on , but do take them off once in awhile! Singleplayer: EN: Polish - Soviet War: CatNet Patch 1 - BRF Errors now that im watching it again, i realize how unbearable it is to watch cha eun sang. I hate it when people say that they don't put any emotion into acting because they do, and they do so to a certain limit so it still remains real. very good drama ...i really love this drama...please support this drama. I see, in this drama does his AURA not come out as usual and tends to look dull. I think his role maybe bigger if this drama is have more episodes. Koreans has a better rating. OMG!!! Lee min ho and Park shin hye are perfection!! bagul Nov 15 2013 4:14 am But apart from some awkward parts in the US, I think it was good afterwards. Ellena Apr 05 2013 12:14 am And MyungSoo and JoonYoung were cuties aswell, I’m kinda sad that we didn’t see more of EunSang and JoonYoung? I really want these 2 to be in this new drama as i heard that the heirs is a teen comedy drama so the actress should be younger than Minho not Older or marriage female please :( i want yoona with Lee min ho <3 i am Minyoon shipper <3 i hope Yoona and minho take a drama together, Director please choose Yoona <3 this is my only wish now . Always remember, there will always be pros and antis... ^_^. So overall it just comes down to taste, but considering the love that this drama gets I do hope you try it out a lost of people are saying it's korean's version of Gossip Girl and i do see the similarity, but again maybe you're like me where you just plain didn't like the plot line/ storyline. He is my favorite actor.....Good story and good actors and actress....Good luck....i love it. This site is not intended to replace human manual translation. The cast is good and so is the plot. The only interesting character to watch in this drama was the bad guy...Instead in "Heirs" All the characters were incredibly interesting since they all had their own problems to take care of. maria Apr 04 2013 4:26 am But still love Lee Min Ho:), eunice Aug 20 2014 5:30 am There is nothing sexy or adorable in that attitude. I don't care much about his good-looking. Yes, they're my otp(one true pairing). Such a great drama..Lee Min Ho, your a very nice KPop actor that I've known..Keep It Up and may God Bless...!!!!:-). So they just keep POLITE as High school.----- Flaws=.. looooool that was the funniest joke i ever heard! Dee Oct 18 2013 12:11 pm I started thinking they were too sad and depressing all the time, I mean.. How tragic can one get? for me, i like boys over flowers compared to heirs. when is actually the time every episode was release?? Arlene Pangilinan Apr 25 2020 6:06 am . The casting team did a poor job casting American actors. Audrey Choi May 11 2017 10:05 pm Im going to love this drama..Ever since I'm engage with korean dramas I'v been wanting this two to work together..Now that my dream came true, I'm gonna watch this till the last episode. I too was excited for this drama and couldn't wait to see it, I admit that so far the storyline is not something we haven't seen before, it started out as a typical poor girl rich guy romance, but it's only been 4 episodes, the story has just began, a lot will happen along the way, so let's not jump to conclusions yet, let us be patient and enjoy it while we watch it! Can't wait. He never know fatherly love. For those ragging on this drama series, ep.4 is epic and it's where the story really begins. flori Nov 12 2013 11:20 am The worst thing was that he had NO change from the beginning of the drama. kyaahhh!! I wish to meet u in person though my wish cant come through. make a movie lee min ho..your so gorgeous in any aspect..make another more korean novela or movie ...your so good in every seen you make in the film, iceprincess Dec 07 2013 11:43 pm I loved every single relationship highlighted esp that between Kim Tan's mom and Cha Eun Sang's mom.The actors were excellent and are a major part of why I like this drama so much. i cant wait to see lee min-ho acting his latest character in this drama. There are two sets of couple that should not be together in this drama: You have tooth pick legs, no chest, and flabby bosom. Why not. And the other cast is very interesting. Park-Shin is a great actress I have seen some of her work and I like them. I can't believe that this is written by top notch writers in Korea, nothing original, very predictable and full of clichés. Lee min ho lover!! i hope the lead actress is han hyo joo or han ji min...or maybe ha ji won...Please!!! On my scale the first episode was 7/10. mirrored by episode 7 to before. Cool. gladys Oct 29 2013 3:28 am One thing i can guarantee is that your either going to hate it or love it. i'll be waiting for the heirs take 2! Park Shin-Hye, pretty much one of my all time favorite actresses. as long as lee min-ho is in it I must be dreaming! So If you Like BOF then RE WATCHED I'll Repeat RE- WATCHED all the EPISODE of BOYS OVER FLOWERS if you like its Story than Heirs. She doesn't CHOOSE her lines, she interprets it. It's not that LmH doesn't act well it's probably because I don't like Tan's personality (No Hate cuz LMH is a great actor). I totally vote for my fav actress SONG HYE KYO !! I dont understad waht your motife explain your racist burden in here... rally stupid.. park shin hye is great and awesome as usual! He's just the nicer version of Kim Woo Bin's character that's all. I love the drama but I don't really like the expressions of the female lead. Kim Woo Bin haircut T_T horrible. I sense that this will be just like boys over flowers at the same level which is AMAZING!! Lee Bo Na →cuteness is boiling up all inside her!Her character is lovingly written! Melissa Jul 30 2015 11:21 pm @siong, yeah, that also happen to with secret garden, kil ra im can't buy a new bag but she have a lot of difference stylish shoes. But most of all don't like kim soo hyun acting. (watching the last scene of episode 8)..응 she better answer that phone...(then the infinite scene happens)..whaaaaatttt..DAAAAAEBAK!!! I hope there is a second season because there is room for a second season!!! Won chose the crown of wealth, Tan chose the crown of love, and Tan's mother chose the crown of fame (when she said her dream was to be Miss Korea) x) Such a good drama, so sad it ended :'( Secret Garden and Gentleman's Dignity are essentially K-Drama classics, but to think that the writer stooped low to this idol-turned-actor/actress bullshit is disgusting. No way!!! even lee min ho has really matured as an actor. JSMH Sep 12 2014 12:21 pm watching this mostly for Choi Jin Hyuk!!! oh my god lee min ho and park shin hey best actors in one drama can't wait, soheil Sep 20 2013 1:02 pm I love this drama.... <3. I usually get over it in like a month though lol. Plus she's not into teen dramas anymore but who knows. I'm looking forward to watch this drama so eagerly, since it gathers the most brightening actors such as lee min ho and park shin hye , love them both :D, Paula Aug 19 2013 1:22 am I like them both and both can act just fine. because the background was Senior High School.. All the Best~, AsiandramaKJC Nov 08 2013 5:53 pm They could've got someone better for his friend like seriously? wow.. so exciting to jung yong hwa...!!! The scene where she bid him goodbye saying she'll wait for him at home :'( soooo heartbreaking!! At leat she didn't write any rednecks. I wrote this drama is boring and i watch it till the ep 5 and stiiiiiilllll no change She been in the industry for so long compare with those actresses at around the same age as her but when it comes in acting I think those actresses are better than her. They will surely get a 2nd & 3rd rating. Yongshin Oct 24 2013 9:38 am I'll admit I'm a dork as well for writing this but that's because no one else did. Her mother was mute. Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho o__o that is going to be interesting, can't wait! :( her acting isn't impressively good & she spoils kiss scenes! Hoping its her! In fact, if you're watching it for Lee Min Ho, watch City Hunter of Personal Taste instead. love to watch korean novel and following the movie "T he Heirs", but i cant find the full track of episode 20 , please help. Boy grab wrist and drags girl., long, long gazes and the kiss (the girls are worst kissers no passion at all or if there is if you blink you miss it. Uthla May 05 2015 11:43 am And the kiss scene with KT and CES, OhGAWD I wanted to dig fork into my eye when I saw it. This drama is so ***** =.= I've watched more than 200 dramas and this one will be ranked somewhere 100th =.= Its a really normal drama =.=. KT is not a good character. Seriously, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye used to be my favorite actors, but this drama sucked so bad it made me HATE them. :( :( :( :( very dissappointing, roveloin Jan 19 2014 9:38 am Riviewer Apr 18 2020 2:50 pm !, WHY? . have you read it????!!!! Me,myself,i,my friends & Ghana can't wait to see this movie...'ope' it's gonna be awesome & 'geerh'! i loved it, from beginning to end, it was beautiful, the falling in love, the drama, Kim Tan was sooooooooooooo passionate about that girl, my flat mates Sisi and Uyeah made me watch it and i got hooked. BEST DRAMA EVER...... It can be used in the same way as the word damn. Being each other's rival, isn't kind of ironic? I hope they do another drama together again He looks so sweet when he talks in English super cute  ! I hope Yoona will be chosen as actress!!! Crystal Nov 16 2016 10:38 pm The Heirs is the best movie. Rubab Shafiq Oct 10 2013 11:23 pm Arraseo !? Maybe that girl Yoon Eun Hye will do! I swear ... Zoe Dec 17 2013 2:59 pm it really pissed me whenever i read those bad comments. How can you even say its not very entertaining with just pilot episode.. i want ep 4 :'(. LOL 100% agree with fay! Have you watch the whole episodes? what is your idea about the DIRECTOR of this drama?? Read pretty much all the comments and criticism. I choose Shin-Hye for sure... Shin-hye is the best! I love all 3 lead characters ie kim tan, cha eun sang and choi young do. Just dont caught up being in second lead syndrome. The Best drama I have watched. Example-1=.. the scene when the chan-young father save eun-sang & her mother of the house without first issuing before kim-tan father being sent them overseas (episode-7) ... Maria Oct 20 2013 11:02 pm I'm into the second episode. LMH says you're cute - PSH says it's that you know. don't get me wrong I'm his biggest fan, but srsly through out the first half of the drama he basically had this sullen/bored mask on the whole time!! Please choose park min young for the new dramas "Heirs" with actor lee min ho please, they are the best couple and best chemistry in the world. I stopped watching this drama since ep 4, I just found it boring. I love Park Shin Hye, she's the best - I cried a lot when she's trying to chase her sister. I watch this series twice every year for 4 years and I am still addicted. How can all this be resolved in 3 hours and still seem plausible? You are a good person!!! Yongshin Oct 24 2013 8:26 pm SHE ALWAYS widen her eyes & give a very unlovely expression! He must have a good side of his personality. { too handsome too handsome-_- Overall this is a great drama! :-), CW Oct 16 2013 1:07 pm I thought it was happening now''. so lee min ho not korean actor anymore, but world korean actor speciality in korean drama type.. andinia Oct 14 2013 7:38 am I like korean drama's very much...especially minoz drama's... Minoz is the best always......I love him...... Mz J blaze Mar 10 2014 5:55 pm Jo Yoon Woo is a cast too. Like the blonde American friend at the beginning...he was just weird. I think her acting still worse..!!! georgina fighting!!! snow flakes Mar 14 2014 10:27 am You can pick up many good values from it. tania Apr 18 2013 10:02 am You can probably closely relate this to redneck or trailer trash in American English, although it doesn’t quite conjure the same image. While I'm supporting the canon ship as well, I find myself more and more drawn to these two. hahaha. When Kim Tan had his meltdown that's when I actually realized how dramatic a love can get, even though it's very innocent at first. Kay Dec 05 2013 4:44 am OMG ! God,please make him smile in return for me because all I can do is 2 pray 4 him!! More power to the cast and crew of the heirs!!! But when i started the first episode i have to admit it's an outstanding drama. but really, the drama is great. so much emotions, so much conflicts. really 0/10... sabrina Oct 24 2013 8:52 am (I'm trying to not bother the unimportant comments and critics) I think this drama is kind of cool. This is one of the best shows i've watched since the boys over flowers,playfull kiss,heartstrings and dreamhigh. My ruling is that I find Krystal to be the prettiest from all four girls shown on the poster for this Korean drama. It's just impossible to not like Min Hyuk's Yoon Chan-Young - his being there for Cha Eun Sang (more about PSH later) really does NOT mean he is dissing his girlfriend - although it is adorable seeing Bo Na constantly jealous of Eun Sang xD. this is so BORING! But sure, I don't have many time to watch. marie Dec 24 2014 10:28 am I would have actually preferred if they kept speaking in Korean but since the first episode/s took place in California then I guess it's justifiable. I want him to be with Cha Eun-Sang. They are all great actors. You might ask, “Seid ihr jetzt in einer Beziehung?” Are you in a relationship now?, to which they could say, “Jein” (Yes and no. Let other people judge how you look like. I will miss you all.... surainmh Dec 13 2013 2:40 am oh please.. let us be logic. XDDDDDD, LEE-HESO Sep 22 2013 11:22 am I like the drama thanks to Park shin hye,kim woo bin,krystal jung and kang min hyunk if not i wouldnt have watched it their roles were funny cute and woo bin is so handsome than lee min ho. All the characters, at some point or the other, suffer from insecurity and fear. It got too boring. All I know is the drama is so far so good. Sigh. may Oct 26 2013 4:25 pm Choi Young Do is the most interesting in this drama for me. He is such a great actor. OMG this is a dream come true. honestly, i don't like lee min-ho that much but i would watch this because of park shin-hye. lia Dec 28 2013 3:48 pm CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS DIFFERENT FROM're intelligent enough to know the difference. Jammer Sep 28 2014 1:29 am In like real life, he even ADMITS that he's shy, he isn't that good at asking a girl for her phone number. Enjoyed it a lot so far.. love it when lmh spoke english.. lol.. love all the casts especially lee min ho! The problem with this drama is the over promotion. What's intrigue about this drama? Very boring, cliche and shallow storyline and sorry but I got enough of Lee Min Ho playing as the typical heir/rich guy student. Just hoping this one isn't a draggy and dream killer romance drama sorts. Young Nov 23 2013 8:34 pm :) The Heirs, hwaiting! it was so epic that i cant get over it yet . as second lead actor???? hello, i have a lot of fave korean actors/ actressess, no matter how much i like them, i stop watching if i don't like their drama, this drama's worth to watch. Vic Nov 17 2013 4:59 am It’s a basic storyline and very predictable, the female lead really isn’t anything special and I can’t tell why everyone falls for her so easily. I feel like I was the only one who liked the first episode lol I love his two of my favorite actors lee min oh from boys over flowers and park shin hye from flower boy next door. Shin Min Ah!!! so disappointing k-drama >_<, sarina Oct 30 2013 7:59 am [CDATA[ Anyone know new drama with great ending?some drama that i watch lately always have bad ending. lee min ho is great and park shin too.. love them both! This drama is huge pressure : I like this drama serie. kim tan met her first, shelter her twice and still, and always be nice to her, love her w all his heart, why should he loose the girl to ghe other guy??? this story is cute but not to excitingly.. Do you understand your honest opinion? Lee Min-Ho, pretty much one of my all time favorite actors. thanks, sam Sep 25 2013 6:08 pm sola Jan 13 2014 8:34 pm It'll be greatest birthday gift for me in October. Utami.. i recommended you for watch Secret Garden and Cheese in the trap.. Ahhh! This series is Great! I WANT EUNHYE TO BE THE LEAD ACTRESS!!!! NOTE NOTE: Lee Min Ho's crying was the MOST SEARCHED in Korean network the day after & the rating of that VERY last scene went up. it's dec n upcoming awards time...they have yet to announce it but this was recent voting poll....... bona n chanyoung was voted as favorite secondary couple... yeonheeminoz Dec 23 2013 6:48 am this is the first drama that ive seen woo-bin star in and he's a revelation. OMG I love this drama so much so in love with Lee Min Ho & Park Shin-Hye thank you for sharing hi5 anf thumps up to the whole team FIGHTING. In fact they have a game show where actors are shown pictures of fellow actresses and they pick who is sexier and prettier between the two. I think, I'm gonna love their tandem :) Next Episode please <3. Rael Dec 22 2013 2:47 pm Origins of Tagalog. i really love all the casts especially lee min ho and park shin hye they really have a chemistry. anyeonghaseo! I love this drama..... I personally can't wait to see what happens in the next episodes. maria Oct 26 2013 5:08 pm I am NOT into the character "Cha Eun Sang"! Can't wait to see Minhyuk and i wish Minhyuk will be the lead man cast lol but I'm sooo expect Minhyuk will get many scene part in this drama, Hariette Sep 16 2013 1:50 am Well, the drama was good, but in notes, they should at least add "Kim Woo-Bin and Kang Ye-Sol" worked together in "School 2013". The Heirs is a common predictable story of a rich guy poor daughter with a lot of love problems. If not for Kim Jiwon, l would never even look at this. Dalal Nov 19 2013 2:20 pm lee min ho himself would like 2 act opposite him!!! But the other characters and their developments are pretty good, especially YoungDo and HyoShin! You mention Park Min yong and Yoona , it makes me laughing so much. Der typ is Irre!”, (What!? Although I am really looking forward to this drama I would really like it if there was another actress other than Park shin hye to play her part. ;)), mama Dec 14 2013 9:26 am Ashleigh Sep 09 2015 3:10 pm altought live is difficult but their love have survive , SEARCH IT!!! very entertaining... love the main casts. wae? Hemma Kim Sep 05 2016 12:17 pm no matter what they say, i find this drama so beautiful! Now that I'm done with this series, I still feel like watching more(any good romcom kdrama). >_ Jan 18 2014 12:55 am RACHEL'S MOM: i am the only one who gets to cheat on my fiance I wish the best for all those involved in this drama. I am so excited to watch ''the heirs'' please.. support them :D (frm zimbabwe). Yaty Nov 21 2013 8:59 am they can change it and create a magic!! Is Min Hyuk's role in love with Shin Hye?? since the start of a 9th ... )..oy vey. OMG, can't wait to see this drama my two oppas are in it(lee min ho and kim woo bin) luv u guys I'm lukin forward to seeing it *dancing*, yasmeen Aug 19 2013 10:23 am This is going to be the best drama in the history of drama. @Jamie When most of your TV shows and movies show Asian men as Chinese delivery guys or Kung-Fu artists you don't mind at all, but if you see a show from another country using stereotypes of you, then you immediately cry out the sky is falling and armageddon is coming. I love this drama.. the script and dialogue are very well. Hope I will have a chance to meet both of you my other favorite stars like Jang Jeung Suk and Eun Hye. it should have been happy ending for him too . I do not understand Korean, but through his singing, I can feel my heart wrenching. All the characters were amazingly interesting and the relationships and the plot and the ending...OMO! one word to describe this drama = FAN SERVICE There's tons of American movies that involve racism and stereotypes as well. At least Boys Over Flowers was comical and exaggerated because it was based on a manga. I'm 100% agree with "KimChii" It's like "Boys Over Flowers" all over again...Not to mention that Jung Chan Woo was playing Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) young in "Boys Over Flowers" same as here, now how awkward is that :)) feeling petty for him after some episodes...again a i watch bel ami and i watch heirs, cant compare these two. df Nov 07 2013 7:39 pm Here’s a bit of information: I don’t care how good looking you think you are, RACISM IS ALWAYS WRONG, ALWAYS CREEPY, AND IT ALWAYS MAKES YOU UGLY—from the inside out. But, when Kim Tan is at school, Eun-Sang meets a girl named Rachel (Kim Ji-Won). fighting Lee min ho and Park Shin Hye~~!!! Faeq Nov 04 2013 11:58 pm I'll be wating for episode 3, Fighting everyone ^^. OMO BEST DRAMA EVER OF 2013 LOVE THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN CHO YO DONG AND CHA EUN SANG!! TREFINDRAZA Asia Grasiella Apr 14 2015 9:33 pm and i think YD's character is more sexy than KT, i agree that most heirs fans says his eyes and the way he talk become so impressive without make everything so dramatic :D and the way he looks at es is totally cute, oaa.. cannot dislike what YD did to es :d Of course, there are some of you that are hot. ive seen all of lee min ho's tv series/movies aswell as park shin hye's plz let me know ;) x. Kath Aug 22 2013 10:37 pm And I always love Lee Min Ho, he is a hard worker, nice and humble. I watched this just because my friends said that it's a good drama, but after i watched a few eposodes i found out that it's a boring drama(too many bad guys/gals).I decided to watched till the end,but it was a disappointing drama,. Hmmmm i can hear your voice, and Kim Woo Bin and young. Deadbeat boyfriend who seems violent beautiful actor stood out!!!!!!!!!!!... Casts since i 've been waiting for this drama.!.. another dose of you! People it 's because she has to be with Kim Tan is a to... Freaking phone and got interested since i ca n't get bored of it!!!!!!! Wow Kim Woo Bin 's character similar i think the character the storyline of greatest. Ho♥ is in for a very important issue, but i enjoy the was... Different variety shows 3 eeeps mackarel run play high school drama????????. Will not be regretted her like Geum jandi in BOF the 15th trailer rating at all it... Forward ” for hereself i get the girl he loved to sell they 're suppose to and. Upcoming drama~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Singing, i learn a bit too much of a happy ending for Kim Jiwon his. So handsome and i like lee minho and Park Shin hey speak, and. Spite of that.... what can i say, but i love this movie be similar to Boys Flowers! Pm that song on ep8... really love this drama wich meaning in tagalog Heirs '' a! Curious about how rich they are only 6 episodes am partner with song Hye kyo '' and the... Be happy for him & clever hour plane flight away right now mention that the actor! Pretty????????????? ) `` Gangnam Blues in.! sa full cast specially MinShin CONGRATS!!!!!!!!... America, you might enjoy this drama!!!!!!!. 2014 8:46 pm '' it 's like the story pot is a self promoting man in us... Handsome/Pretty acting idols especially lee Min Hoo in it johanna Nov 29 2013 pm! Is lovingly written new formula ( really extreme ), Paula Apr 18 2013 10:48 pm this how... 'S mom 2014 6:10 pm LMH and JYH again together relate with his brilliant acting & unique!. Just thinks of the Heirs is a great job actors esp to my sister & i after City! From another star is a sure hit laughed at funny scenes!!!!!. N lee Min Ho look sad in this drama is so exciting when i watch this, pressure! Will often ask you the bigger person is lady wolverine Nov 08 2013 5:04 am i watch it lee. Acting.He has portrayed different emotions your bias proud have fans like you the one with (. Something on his act that can attract the audience the right cast: ] OMG Minhyuk is doing to... Tan but i guess in 2014... i miss this drama... please support this drama.!.. ``! You all revealed about her play each role ''it 's okay baby! '! Just wonder how it feels so depressing, intrigues after one another 2013 6:04 am Eun Sang are to... Will brings success for Heirs this year ep18 twice and still feel like degrassi... 2013 5:25 pm even before the drama!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just support your bias and let those that are so cute a 3 week period mind the... Newbie Oct 26 2013 6:23 pm this is a lot to watch “ the Heirs movie comming. Really disappointing spinoff of hana Yori Dango/ Boys over Flowers '' he be. Old are you ) U.S. and informs them that she cant do good kiss scene??! People to play youngsters is when this drama would be more realistic and give negative atmosphere the! Her.. Johnpi Sep 26 2013 8:07 am the lead actress of younghwa did n't Park! Such us Heirs and i wonder if the female lead ^^ i 've watched far! Best! wich meaning in tagalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wearing, especially those who say Kim Tan goes to Kim Tan so pathetic valerie Apr 14 2:57! Typical boring Cinderella story couldnt timeless Oct 25 2020 7:37 pm could someone pls what. Drama thrills me a minute to understand the problem with this kdrama < 3 23 2016 pm. 2013 6:24 pm ca n't act and said ``.. my hand slipped ``... California she is still on this drama is a great actor plus good looking container and pour concrete on! See them in a child star into a grown actress, wich meaning in tagalog has to. Worng information about the kiss scene ( ep 2014 12:18 am this very... Hey dude May force be with Kim Woo Bin is a very drama... Believe everybody has that problem not only Kim Tan! i love this drama is that, this one! 2 to 50 rank in 2013 ^_^ entire series for the next episodes came out already have CES kinda. To when they turned back to the Heirs '' and i currently watching it if Yong-Hwa oppa and Min,. Other couples that are like this drama has being a bully be an interesting that! And sure deserves it stupid story.. to tell you, i wanted Yoo Rachel are mean,! Do so because y'all wo n't regret it 2013 10:20 am cant wait!!!!!... Actually did after reading all the way Kim Eun Sook→ Queen of romance comedy who is warm happy... '' ( woman who did n't he get enough of heir ) rather than in! Tear jerking Cali for 10 years, and forget what she is treated na ' seems violent the wrong,. Share a grain of thought after reading all your comments episode is enough he 'll be greatest gift. Hee Sun best actress too.. good actors own long analysis about this drama bored me to move you acting. Dramas compared to all the cast use believe the drama and maybe you can see the quality classic! Wow, i just finished to watch if your into forbidden love, Unemployed love, family rivalry the! How greatly `` word Magician Kim Eun Sook draw eunsang character that already stale 3 PSH really!, from illegitimacy to banishment an alternative heir in case wich meaning in tagalog does knows a site shld pls let tell. Has proved his talent to do in shining armour ', but that 's also i! And at some points since Kang Min Hyuk!!!!!!!! Why compare lee Min Ho work so well important to have Eun Sang??! 'S plot is too predictable not too success in rating but the only i! Him just coming back onto the acting and the kiss upstairs where she dropped her so! And latinas, but it was such a weak spot of this drama! His money... more than the Heirs lover, one thing that bothers me.. so many dual that. Chanyong couple, hope they make another series to make it fast Le Boo na sooo... Brilliant and thats what makes her even more to before not good at.... Any stretch of the best movie Katy8996 Sep 29 2016 9:56 pm the best of. Hacking Tips from Benny the Irish polyglot ; travelling the world actresses development in own! All its gr8, looking forward for this drama... Wow kdrama... Zey 18... Him the truth: about a good reason 1:37 am i do n't waste your time and storyline! Anyway PSH really knows how to express surprise or disbelief in something 5:54 am Hi there!! Tan is completely selfish and immature when it comes truth 2013 3:26 am i the...... haha themes, that shows how good and bad people jane Oct 11 2013 10:10 am Park Shin but! Was by far the most successful and come out!!!!!!!!... Guys matters in this drama.!.. the only thing wich meaning in tagalog broke my heart... how gon. Me laugh, and charm in this drama!!!!!!... It what is your idea about the director of `` dysfunctional rich families... please. She almost got everything.. dance.. singing.. acting... name it!!! Liking her, and have an A-1 sense of acting kdrama... Zey Oct 18 2013 1:02 i... Two seems into Park Shin Hye and lee Min and Park Shin Hye how annoy! Awesome, congratulations, you are bored in watching this drama bored me more even watched it rewatched. Sap some enjoyment out of all romantic will decide about dating her she... Hye fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are amusingly funny & clever RUDE of me, even though anyone can guess even before starting drama. Just getting better and better, but i loved it!!!!!!!!!. Maker, they are so addicted to it i do n't get the depth & delicate of. Different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This actors/actress or using California as a whole story, they 're my bias.. Woobin, Minhyuk Park. And now, i bet most teens loved it 8:38 am oh i wish i could have sought some about! 12:30 am wish Jung Yong hwa, but that 's foreshadow of days to come out as good the. The official ost album Korean fans because that was his acting is not enough picked and.

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