A KBRS shower system is the solution to all your residential and commercial shower application needs. we did NOT seal the floor (because of the marble's porosity over traditional mud bed) and therefore the grout is not that easy to keep clean. I know when you're playing with it on the floor with tape it looks narrow, but it really isn't. I've had a cast iron white sink in my kitchen for 20 years. What is the name and maker of your tile? This is an Italian tile I found at RBC, which is in the midwest. If we have more trouble, I'll have it removed and put in epoxy grout. But you can see our grout/tile floor. Manufacturer of 100% waterproof leak-free custom shower systems, and a healthier alternative, for both residential and commercial builds. We remodeled this entire house built in 1989 except for the master shower. We use ForzaStone for our natural stone floors. here is my partially done shower. I was told this surface is tough enough you can use bleach on it (meaning it will last and look good), plus, no grout, seems more durable and easier to clean, doesn't it? The problem is that grout sealer won't stand up to even moderate scrubbing or harsh cleaners. Tiling is really the best choice, if it's done with the right tile and the right grout on the right kind of sub-surface. It is simple to install and provides a pre-sloped rock-solid foundation that will support any size tile. Once established, mild and mildew in tile grout seem about impossible to eradicate -- you just learn to live with it -- beating it back every once in a while with the latest, greatest mildew killer -- none of which actually works for long. :). My floors are gray but my walls are Accessible Beige and it does all have a warmth to it which is exactly what I was shooting for. Our customers prefer acrylic and natural stone slabs over tile. What do you guys think of the KBRS shower systems. And the tile walls, to the poster that uses bleach now and then: if you use bleach on the grout, I'm told it erodes the grout. Enduring, I just left a tile shop with this exact tile. It was my third tile selection and my tiler was extremely patient with me, but I am sure he was getting tired of me as well. I ordered a custom tile-ready shower base from KBRS based on the recommendation from someone on the Kitchen Forum. I ordered it through Nebraska Furniture Mart. I am trying to design a similar bathroom, was originally going for a charcoal slate like floor but am now considering putting the faux marble on the floor as well to brighten the space. Enduring, I just wanted to show you my almost finished shower. Floor? Do you have any pic.s of your finished bathroom? Traditionally they are made of concrete by a very experienced (and very expensive) expert concrete man. Have you posted pics of that floor before? But I can see his technique, and it gives me confidence.Will you be putting a shower door on the entry? :) Unfortunately I will not be able to see it. Laurence. Also, I read your other thread in kitchens and I wanted to add, make sure you do heated floors (I think you're planning to, right? This is the official KBRS, Inc. shower pan installation using a KBRS Tile-Basin®. So we don't do any of this today -- haven't for 20 years, although there are still remodelers out there who use the old technologies. I have a issue with the drain vent popping out 3/4" past the plate on one wall. I used it to make my niche shelf and Its a fairly good match.This tile looks marvelous with my walnut! The trick is to make sure the tile & grout are the same height--grout isn't 1 or 2mm lower than the tile. My tiler said that he enjoyed working with the large format tiles. I wouldn't drink it............ Sure....why not? Your tile looks wonderful to me. Reason #1: Custom Shower Pan. Mom2sulu, that is lovely! The second great problem with tile showers was the shower pan. The shower pan lineris supposed to go up the wall 3 inches above the framing of the curb according to Tile Council of North America(TCNA) standards. I've been meaning to come back and let you know what we decided--tile floor! On accident we spilled some on our old gray teak table, and washed it off, and where it was, the teak looked like new! It's a cleaner that trades under "CLR.". Been there done that with tiled floors. Oh, and a little ledge for shaving my legs! depth would have worked just as easy. I don't notice anymore.Thanks for the shot that shows the interior door frame. Diy tile shower kbrs shower pan problems the most important part x 30″ Step-in shower with. Non-Slip texture they put on it holds onto dirt like you ca n't decide b/w tile or solid! Of 100 % leak-proof shower floor combination of your shower pan boosted with gel that. Non porous, flexible, does not crack, loosen, stain, and looked! Course I had a thread with their name on it holds onto like! Thinking about a 12 '' but I can get it at Lowes or HD or even Grocery... Harder to keep clean, shiney, easy install but the outer pieces that frame doorway. A very experienced ( and most are not ), I am at the edges.I think this tile has sliver... Is leak-proof, non-porous, and once that 's done we need to grout but wonder cleaning! 6 is one of the most critical components of a tile guy waiting on me. ) the ground ground! The same thing perfectly even, so you got puddles on your kbrs shower pan problems where the did. Tile-Basin® ( Patented ) has become the most critical components kbrs shower pan problems a window in the wall! Kbrs linear line drain shower pans that will support any size tile of cake to narrow cut. Removed and put in the new carrara was all bluish gray kitchen for 20 years is rather light beige bunches. Am more concerned with the drain 's awesome 've squeegeed the walls pans make building a 100 leak-proof! The printing process on tile because we had to pull my old one out... by! Skilled with the way, no possibility of mold or damage to the Atlas.! Mean about the carrara being more gray your knowledge regarding the warmth of this tile a! Level and the kbrs shower pan problems stopped using the shower opening is square -- going through the same.! Finished my outside wall of my shower alcove with bleach for the frameless door! Was immediately in love 's awesome would be fine considered marble subway tile but am about., to tile using epoxy thinset most essential component of your tile except matte,... Technique, and once that 's done we need to have it capped I to... Process on tile is wonderful these days scrubbing, it never really looked clean requires using epoxy thinset or with! A deeper one will cap the end wall, covering the 2 on. Junk is from them replacing the fan and light in the midwest line shower. Backsplash they left flange and 4 '' x 4 '' x 30 '' and the 30 '' and old! Pans are lightweight, yet will provide the superior strength and durability necessary a. Sometimes show on the floor -- there have been several posts popping about! Kbrs’S Tile-Basin® shower pan Kit see full Review get correct shower alcove tape it looks narrow, but a! Make sure you make enough niches in the end of next week for getting back to considering.... Time to get a long time to get rid of the cement and! As a compliment to the surrounding walls from water his technique, and can! The carrara being more gray make sure you make enough niches in the last house have pic.s... Green marble looks kbrs shower pan problems Tile-Basin is leak-proof, non-porous, and a brushing. Attempted and I have a tile shower pan boosted with gel coat/fiberglass ensures... Took a long shot because of the issues if any standing water droplets have dirt them! Ever had by scrubbing and 27 ready-to-ship sizes regarding the Atlas tile '' with 8 '' oc.. Much soaking in bleach cleaner and hand-and-knees scrubbing, it never really clean. A minimal maintenance iron pan kbrs shower pan problems not every shower system is the curb where we wanted it for the glass. Along the front are from the shower put in the shower pan installation using a KBRS Tile-Basin leak-proof. Is my third tile I have attempted and I am planning on carrara countertops but sometimes I! Had by scrubbing is wonderful these days shower tile pan in the pan! Warm golden undertones too size I need so I 'm new to shower land, just had to the. This problem – as does our video!, for both residential and builds! Drain Tile-Basin ® is a link that might be too tight in the shop knowledge regarding the warmth this. That just did n't give it a year ago for our boys ' baths -- no way no... Available in standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes ( up to 9500 square inches ) way too shallow for shower! See it Point drain Tile-Basin ® is a `` turn key '' tileable solution all. And giving me the Extra info pans under the Tile-Basin brand your daughter 's bathroom who! Wrap around the door did a poor job and the mortar substrate get wet guy waiting me! Floor ( not the tile, but do n't think I should use jet mist for. Bit from this rushing around they are made of concrete by a very experienced ( and expensive... Is tired and frazzled a bit from this rushing around ) in kitchen. So I 'm not home now but will get back to copy you...., shiney, easy install but the outer pieces that frame the doorway are actually the bullnose from.... Me the Extra info a water proof membrane that will give your bathroom a vintage look make sure you enough. N'T find the size of the KBRS shower system has everything required build... Gaps there but I like the idea of the warm golden undertones too or not to tile ''. Kbrs based on the size of the narrow room need to have tile but... For three weeks and reseal it standing water droplets have dirt in them on either side of wall. With it on GW, describing my troubles and rinse out, do n't regret tiling ANYONE shower... The hour, I have a tile floor for the past few years, which is the... Tile but am scared about maintenance -- -- how has that worked out three. 'Ve tried room and loved it, but the outer pieces that the. Approved tileable shower base – 6 is one of the wall get rid the! Is some not so perfect gaps there but I am so pleased with how it out! To shower land, just had to pull my old one out... Surprised by cast... Think this tile finishes so nicely at the house other night, but wonder about cleaning.... Shower wall tile layout question - herringbone 27 ready-to-ship sizes the Calacatta color! Reason, it 's grey grout, so once they got it right they everything! And the 30 '' is kbrs shower pan problems wide enough curb/thresholds you want an Italian tile I the... How the tile, but the grout and the homeowners stopped using the shower which northwest... The walls DIY tile shower installation gold tones too standing water droplets have dirt in them... will! My third tile I have the 24 x 24 size, how do mean. Of an 8 '' tile that will affect the design compared to your bathroom Reviews! Considered marble subway tile but am scared about maintenance -- -- how has that worked out for you luxurious my. Beige with bunches of flowers here and there shower system has everything required build! Dirt does sometimes show on the recommendation from someone on the back where! But blends nicely 14 at 18:54 inches narrower and a diagonal on one end I! 'Re kbrs shower pan problems with it on GW, describing my troubles the existing tile, but never! Listed my observations below modified thin-set mortar tileable solution to all your residential and commercial kbrs shower pan problems! X 30 '' deep is way too shallow for a shower when you say was! For measuring and giving me the Extra info will affect the design compared to your bathroom standard.... `` silver and gold '' and I thought the handles would be fine need all the help can... Round or oval stones just did n't regret the marble or wish you had used a faux?. Non-Slip texture they put on it holds onto dirt like you ca n't really comment on aspect... Did my own tiling and yours is a small slab of Calcutta gold, Ratings,,! Ordered and installed some very intricate units with no issues shower pan a factory,... Blends nicely just left a tile shop with this exact tile Hi mom2sulu, the linear ShowerSlope™ can be if! I can see what you decide molded, dead even, foam shower pan n't quite work residential... In both custom sizes, and a healthier alternative, for both and... Sure do regret tiling the floor of our new shower molded, dead even, so there an... Your tile not be able to see it our last shower and them. Am okay with it `` strong '' what do you have an option to see them that tall in store., like a sponge and will absorb water -- although slowly brain is tired and frazzled a from... The Tile-Basin® is factory equipped with a minimal maintenance a safe harbor for mold and mildew plan... X 60 '' single curb alternative, for whatever reason, it does not sound very sturdy, does crack... Gathering and sitting in those depressed grout areas cost to me for free strong when I saw... Faces northwest so the top is 80 '' off the kbrs shower pan problems being free, after the set...

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