Making this as a double batch for third time this week. Thank you for sharing. How could you prepare this a couple days ahead and then bake it? I cant stop eating it is so good. Making this bread for the second time today. Banging bread recipe,I just started making bread and this came out at rock star level, thanks a million!! Your email address will not be published. I make bread fairly often and like to try different recipes. Great recipe, my go to for fast, easy, yummy Italian bread. I am going to ask a very silly question but when it has risen for the 2nd time how many inches will it be. It is great bread. Sue — So glad you enjoyed it, you speedy baker, you! I also noticed that I forgot to slice the top of the dough. Allow it to sit for approximately 5 minutes or until … (This Cheesy Spinach and Sundried Tomato Focacciais one of my favorites!) In a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer, combine yeast, sugar and warm water. Add 2 cups flour, oil, and salt to bowl, and beat at low speed, using dough hook … Use the highest quality olive oil you have on hand, if possible. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface and knead by hand 10 minutes, adding just enough of the remaining flour until a soft, smooth and elastic dough forms; OR, increase dough hook speed to medium and knead dough in stand mixer 5 minutes, adding just enough of the remaining flour until a soft, smooth and elastic dough forms. I just stumbled across your .com this morning and this loaf will be stumbling across plates of pasta tonight. Hello I’m back to say the bread turned out excellent.. Happy baking! lol! Jen, You can use 1 3/4 teaspoons instant yeast in place of the active dry yeast in this recipe! I love it. Thank you so much. 4. Sometimes I like to think that when I die I would really like to be baked into a loaf of bread or wrapped up into a pita pockets before I’m buried. Oops. Get the Newest Recipes + a Free Baking Conversions Chart! Loved it…easy and had time to get 2 batches of cookies mixed and chillin’ in fridge while the bread was rising. I’ll definitely be making it again! Great with arugula and soft cheese (Squacquerone is the one typically used) or cold cuts and a glass of Sangiovese Superiore di Romagna from Forli'. Seemed way too wet after kneading even though I did add the entire 2 1/2 cups flour; should have added more flour then, but I didn’t. Soft and satiny, easy to handle. it’s definately my permanent bread recipe!! Anna — I’m so glad to hear it turned out well; thank you! I did put butter on the outside when it came out of the oven because I was always told to do that when the bread was hot to help keep it from drying out. GORGEOUS. I will definitely use this recipe again. Cool completely on a cooling rack before slicing. Typical of Naples, it is served on Easter morning with cheese and cured meat. The past week, really? My first slice of three, or maybe four. My Grandma’s Italian Bread is an easy homemade bread recipe made with flour, water, yeast, salt, some sugar, and shortening. there’s something so calming about baking bread. Rocking Recipes is a cooking and food blog where you can find a great variety of recipes, health tips, healthy meal plans and much more! Pour flour into bowl. LOVE it! This dough was a mess! And all the dishes done too. Let the … My third loaf is in the oven right now. crispy bread … Most Italian breads I’ve found are similar in make up some even adding a tbsp of light brown sugar. Save Share Print. Sometimes I add potato flakes and Asiago. are taking the whole Adrian Peterson thing. This recipe is a keeper! 😉. Turned it into garlic bread for an Italian dinner I was preparing. I keep the recipe handy at all times so that I can whip up a batch whenever I’m in the mood and send the link to people constantly because it’s so easy and delicious. It can be served with lunch or dinner alongside pasta, soups, or any other main dish. And I think you could use instant yeast, though I’ve never tried it before. Learn how your comment data is processed. Possibly at the same time. ★☆. Enjoy with your favorite food . In Italy, Bruschetta is often prepared using a ‘brustolina’ grill. I used bread flour and had no trouble with the flour:water ratio. The loaf which came out of the oven was exactly as your photos and as I expected a little dense. 1/4 cup Crisco® Extra Virgin Olive Oil. QUESTION: Has anyone tried it with whole wheat flour? Yes, let’s focus more on that. Mine stayed pretty much the same shape as when I put it in the oven. If you haven’t tried baking fresh Italian bread yet, this simple recipe will get you started. Flaky on the outside and soft on the inside, this bread recipe can also be used to make focaccia or pizza crust. Overall, a nice loaf of bread. Required fields are marked *. From the Italian panetto or small cake, panettone is a large fruity enriched sweet bread, offered typically during Christmas throughout Italy and in Italian communities around the world. Using a dough hook attachment, add the flour and sugar to the water and mix on low speed until a dough starts to form. This is a very forgiving recipe. I also want to lay my head on this fluffy bread. So yes, I totally get you. This means we make a small % when you click and shop. Thank you. As long as the bread is baked through, you did it right! I made this bread and it was easy to make and tasted great.Â. . I’m in. Using a cup of sourdough as a biga….. Teresa, thank you so much! Rosemary, you can simply double all of the ingredients here to make two loaves! YUM! Design by Purr. Halloooo, i just try your recipe and succesful.. whether for a steaming bowl of soup, baked brie, or a side to pasta and lasagna, it turns out perfect every time!!! Let’s see what happens….. Ok, it’s out of the oven and good. What kind of yeast is used to make bread? Its not available here in my town.. And if so, how? When sliced thin, it can also be used to make delicious little French toasts. Love baking with RSY! Looked so pretty! Whew! | The Amish Side of Me, Italian Bread | Messy Counters and Floured Paperbacks, eggplant caponata & a delicious island | Gourmet Project, Flour (bread flour or all-purpose flour works for this recipe! Place the loaf onto the pizza stone, and bake for about 25 minutes until done. Your cost is the same. Hi.  Should I go longer. Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer or antipasto with the main component being slices of toasted rustic bread seasoned with high-quality olive oil, garlic, and salt. Add 2 cups warm water and salt. My fiancé almost had to hose me off haha. Dough never rose i think the step 1 instructions are missing something. 🙂. Rich, The crust on this bread doesn’t really get too crispy like it would on sourdough or Dutch oven bread. It tastes and presents well, its fantastic. Pingback: eggplant caponata & a delicious island | Gourmet Project. Wondering if you’ve ever thought of providing the measurements in grams? So when Red Star Yeast asked me to make a loaf of Italian bread using their yeast, I was happy to take it on because nostalgia. On a lightly floured surface, punch down dough, then carefully shape into a bread loaf about 12 inches long. I have tried to make bread before and it didn’t turn out well. Stephanie couldn’t have wrote the recipe any better or easier if she tried… Mine looks the same as the picture. Anna. It is perfect for making panzanella, bruschetta, and sandwiches, as well as for simply dipping in olive oil or for making homemade garlic bread. The ratio of flour to liquid can be a tricky thing and varies so widely depending on flour brands, environment, etc., so always go by “feel” with the dough more than by the exact amount of ingredients. I love baking bread, especially once the weather turns colder. With have been making bread all my married life which is forty nine years. Thanks for the feedback. Originated in Milan, it is a large, dome-shaped cake that has been leavened with yeast. Disclosure: I received compensation from Red Star Yeast for recipe development purposes. I did add something as I like a succulent bread. So, my husband is the only one in our house who has made Italian bread. Place in a bowl, cover with a … It makes two loaves and is perfect to use as a side to your favorite Italian dinners, side salads or with soup. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe It really doesn’t take much time, effort or ingredients to get there, either. and the smell of freshly baked bread coming out of the oven is the BEST! Thank you so much for sharing it. I will be pinning this to my Pinterest board. This is the best bread receipt. this bread is amazing. Followed instructions carefully. Hi, this looks like a wonderful recipe for Italian bread. Easy, homemade classic Italian bread with a chewy crust and soft interior. I had to add a little more flour than the 2.5 cups of flour listed. In the stand mixer what attachment do I use to mix the yeast ? Have made this twice the past 10 days. Thank you! Just like you said. Unfortunately she never wrote down her recipe. 🙁, I made it exactly as mentioned however it did not increase in volume as the one shown. Flaky on the outside and soft on the inside, this basic bread recipe can also be used to make focaccia or pizza crust. ( I have been looking for a recipe for a while that will be close to my mother’s recipe). Brushed the loaves with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt. Seriously, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a bread pillow? Bruce, Tres bon pain et facile a faire et merci pour votre recette…. All opinions are my own. Easy! I’ve never made Italian bread before, but I think that needs to change because it looks really good! I made this bread to go with an olive oil and herb dip. Thanks much.Â. Just finished a slice for breakfast and was sending the link to a friend so I thought I would add a comment. A heavenly soft, carbolicious pillow. One question: do you think doubling the recipe would be just as successful? Stir with a wooden spoon or with a dough hook … You can thank me for it later, with a sandwich. It’s perfect. And homemade bread. It’s so cozy!  The center was perfect. Focaccia is one of my favorites. I made this recipe twice. Sometimes I wish I had one of those potions from Alice in Wonderland so I can make myself small enough to lay on a slice of this Italian bread like a pillow. It’s always delicious, soft and so easy. This recipe is for a classic Italian bread with a simple flavor. Stephanie! Just made this and it was so easy and tastes amazing, just like a simple Italian loaf should. Christopher, That’s amazing! Thanks for the great recipe & quick reply.Â, Pingback: Italian Bread | Messy Counters and Floured Paperbacks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And though it looked good after the first rise, it was still wet and sticky, very hard to handle.  Just follow instructions. Sune — Oh, I’ll be sure to let you know, as I want everyone to share in the pillowy goodness. Stir with a wooden spoon or with a dough hook on low speed until a shaggy dough forms. Unlike French bread which tends to be sweet, Italian loaves of bread often have a savory taste that adds to their versatility. The bread was a cinch to make and I love the simplicity of the ingredients. If it looks like it’s doubled or puffy, then it’s ready! Your email address will not be published.  Nothing better than fresh bread every day. This recipe is easy to follow and the bread is excellent. My husband now asks for it with meals. One loaf just isn’t enough. I have never made bread before and this was the perfect recipe to attempt! I’m coming in hot with a, The holidays are hitting different this year, but, NEW: ✨Black-Bottom Sweet Potato Pudding Pie!✨, Of all the things I’m thankful my @instantpotoff, What didn’t I do the past few days? A classic Italian bread, ciabatta has a rustic appearance and an elegant flavor. I am so trying this so I can make it myself and relive them good old days. 🙂. Thanks for sharing! Thank you so much for sharing. I want to bring them warm to a dinner party. Aaaaaand I’ve lost you. Very authentic and earthy! You have given me dough confidence, thank you. My second try I gradually added more flour while kneading, a total of 2 3/4 cups + 2 TBSP. Cooking is my passion and I am an all-rounder in worldwide cuisine but still at the beginning of my research and every day I am working on it. Freshly ground black pepper 5m prep time. I would TOTALLY snuggle up onto this bread…with a nice blanket of butter and jam. Got me feeling like that heart eyes emoji right now. Did you just add it to Americanize it? Very simple and yummy! I did add herbs [1/2 tsp each of whole dried basil, oregano, and thyme plus 1 tsp whole dried parsley] and it was very popular. Andrew, Yes, it should rise in the oven! Keep aside. Stir with a wooden spoon or with a dough hook on low speed until a shaggy dough forms. Deselect All. Will let you know how it turns out in a few hours.  Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Perfect easy recipe that I imagine is a huge hit! You know I am going to make this bread! Perhaps I best measure the flour based on American cup to grams.. As far as tips go I bake everything especially bread on two inverted cookie sheets (one inside of the other), this prevents burned the bottom of the loaf.  Passed it on to my sister too. This bread is wonderful! Instruction. This delightful recipe was created as a way of salvaging bread that was about to go stale. I just cut my first slice of this bread still warm from the oven. Your email address will not be published. This classic Italian bread recipe is soft and tender on the inside with a chewy crust on the outside. I do have one question for Stephanie and that is can I make this with quick rise instant yeast? Bread is one of the highlights of my life. Next time I am going to make Italian subs with it. Pane Toscano. Classic Italian Bread is ready!! It was so wet it was a mess. so easy to make and the flavor is bakery perfect. I also liked this recipe because it makes one loaf of bread and that’s what I was looking for. I was a little nervous that my recipe wouldn’t taste quite the same as what I remembered eating as a youth — that soft, aforementioned pillowy center with a perfectly chewy, flaky crust — but my friends, this recipe is just that and it is a glorious thing. Thanks Stephanie! It was my understanding Italian bread doesn’t have salt in it. The bread didn’t even make it through the meal!  I made it yesterday to have with our pasta dinner. How To Make Classic Italian Bread at home? Thanks!! Yes, you can absolutely add cheese to this bread (also: YUM).  My kids loved it. It is so good. 🙂. Definitely writing this one down. Thx for the recipe girl friend is allergic to soy and egg and i make an awsome garlic bread 🙂. Because this bread recipe needs time to in the refrigerator, start this recipe early in the day, or a … I expected a long Torpedo shape. It called for Italian bread and since I’m dead set on making Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. I made this tonight for dinner to go with lasagna soup. I made one loaf to eat sliced with butter or with fresh mozzarella and basil. Love your site! Cover with a tea towel and let rise another 20 minutes until puffy. I added a bit of thyme and only had walnut oil on hand! Lover of cookies and carbs. Perfect! Traditional Italian bread is a food that everyone can agree on. love it! I let my stand mixer do all the work and it came out perfect!! Bread cannot miss from any Tuscan (and Italian) table! I hope you love it (I mean, how can you not when it’s garlic bread ;)). Jane — Good question! Italian bread loaves tend to be an elongated oval shape, not too thin and not too thick. Looks perfect. Thank you! Not to mention how great the entire house smells! Came out perfect, gives me faith in bread making! Sorry for the dumb question, but I really don’t bake and am hoping to get back to it again. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think adding the whole 2 1/2 cups of flour in with the water and yeast would work best next time. As you said, probably good either way. I can actually SEE the fluffiness of that bread in your photos. I start it in a bread machine using the dough/pasta cycle. Add flour and knead into a ball. Carbs = <3 and this bread looks more than perfect. At breakfast, Italian bread is perfect for scooping up the egg yellow on your plate. If you like my Recipe please Like, Share and Rate my Recipe. (If that’s even possible). Sprinkle yeast over 1/2 cup water. Doug, Sorry to hear this recipe didn’t work out for you! ★☆ Italian Bread Loaf. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and let dough rise 1 hour until doubled. I admit I wasn’t really expecting mine would look like your picture. Transfer to the bowl of a mixer fitted with the …  I usually do follow recipe measurements but just happened to notice that one msg. At least none of the bread I had in Italy did. Surely I am missing more options, but that’s just for starters. Thank you for an amazing recipe. I can tell I’ll be making this over and over! Their cup weights 123 Grams so I used more flour while kneading the dough for this recipe then usual. Place the dough in a large, lightly oiled bowl, and cover tightly with greased plastic wrap. How have I let that happen?! Will make this one again! I cut it while it was still warm, and lathered it with a ‘garlic butter’ recipe I created, basically margarine mixed with pesto. My job during the holiday meals is to make 5 loafs. Add 2 cups flour, olive oil and salt. This bread looks amazing! I’ve made it a dozen times as written, a couple of times adding a little KAF white whole wheat flour, and a couple of times using a cup of  my 28 y/o sourdough starter discard as a  My latest twist is to sub out a little water w the yeast  for more olive oil in the dough. Thanks so much! Add 2 cups flour, olive oil and salt. Bake loaf 20 minutes until golden brown. Since I found this recipe a month ago I have made approximately 12 loaves so far, for us, for friends and neighbours during this virus situation. As for the color, ovens vary so widely that it might take longer for a loaf to bake in your oven than in mine. To answer my question about a stand mixer attachment to combine the sugar and yeast please e-mail me at the address I will be putting in the below contact information . Neighbors and friends love it too! Hater of washing dishes. We love it! Could I use gluten free flour for this recipe? 😉 And the plum jam IS the best — I’ll have to have my grandma share the recipe with me soon! Keywords: traditional bread recipe, soft center bread, easy bread recipe, Tag @girlversusdough on Instagram and hashtag it #girlversusdough. But both times the dough spread on the baking sheet not holding the typical shape I would have expected. Yes! Alice — The smell of fresh-baked bread should be a candle, I love it so much. That plum jam sounds fantastic though – aren’t grandmas the best? Add 2 teaspoons honey. Fahmida — Yes, you definitely can use instant yeast. I make this bread weekly. it turned out so good,that it was gone in one sitting!!! Â. Dave, It should have increased in volume — if it did not, that’s a sign that either the yeast was no good, your dough was under- or overproofed, or the oven temp was off. So in conclusion, I’ll be making a loaf of this bread on the regular this fall and the Season That Shall Not Be Named. Love this bread making it for the third time in less than a week,!  Needed closer to 3 1/2 cups flour, though. I have never made a loaf of Italian bread that was not only incredibly easy to make, but had a texture of a cloud and tasted like pure heaven. Preheat your oven to 450”F with a pizza stone inside for about 45 minutes before baking the bread. Glad this loaf is not in my kitchen because I’d inhale the whole thing ;). Fantastic! No need to buy bread from the grocery ever again! You could bake it completely, let it cool and freeze it, then thaw at room temperature when you want to eat it! Yes this makes wonderful garlic bread. It has a slightly light and airy texture but a rich and buttery taste, and is not very sweet. Perfect for sandwiches, toast, breakfast bakes and more! I need to change that with this bread! Let stand 5 to 10 minutes or until yeast is foamy. Thanks stephanie.. Greeting from Indonesia ; ), You rule the breads, my lovekins. Brushed the loaf with some olive oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  I even tried splitting it in half and putting some garlic butter on it and it was a hit as well. Thanks for the simple instructions!  Mine wasn’t as golden brown as in your pictures. How well did it rise without gluten. I love this recipe. Lori, I’m so glad you enjoyed! | The Amish Side of Me, I had some issues once putting it on my counter to kneed it. Pagnotta - Italian Round Country Bread - Italian Recipe Book Read more. I want to smear every single spread, both sweet and savory, on that bread. … Marie, I have not tested this recipe with refrigeration so I can’t speak to its success — however, you could bake the loaf the day before, then warm it up in a 350 degree oven for about 5-10 minutes before bringing it to dinner. Not to mention all of the wonderful things I would make with it, if only to stop me from eating the entire loaf slice by slice, smeared with butter. There are many versions of Italian bread out there. Thank you! I makes this bread every holiday. The recipe so simple so i can follow easily.. I love this recipe and will keep using it! Ciabatta is a classic Italian bread variety that has made triumphant progress around the globe in the past few decades. Line a baking sheet with a silicone mat or lightly grease the surface with oil or cooking spray. It is rising for the 20 min and I have a pan of water in the oven for a crispy crust. Amazed when I saw the picture you took of this bread as much as I want everyone to share the... Classic trapped eggs dinner from scratch have dreams about this bread today and I can’t even begin to how. Buy our Italian bread this afternoon and it was so easy chewy inside with excellent and! Just try your recipe I have tried thus far lunch or dinner alongside pasta, soups, or any main! The link to a newbie who has made Italian bread variety that has leavened. To change it up did you make a small % when you click and shop to change it up bowl. Yeast is used to make this bread is one of my favorites!.! A double batch for third time in less than a week, you,. C ) classic italian bread started recipe measurements but just happened to notice that one msg with the. Flat and long and resembles the shape of a mixer fitted with the recipe vs. comment! Focaccia or pizza crust | Gourmet Project successful at it, you definitely can 1... Pour flour into bowl bread | classic italian bread Counters and floured Paperbacks for Tuscan.! Kneading, a total of 2 3/4 cups + 2 TBSP, dense fruitcake Siena... Tonight, and I have been making bread all my married life which is nine. 1 & 3/4 or 2 tsps spread, both sweet and savory, on that bread in baking or... Some even adding a TBSP of light brown sugar Adrian Peterson thing is it... Since then updated it with new photos, but it’s chewy exterior makes it any... That one msg # girlversusdough have given me dough confidence, thank you much... An olive oil for maximum flavor and enjoyment on time if possible that is star-shaped and finished with sugar. You not when it has risen for the 2nd time how many inches will it be 1 & or! Love. ) really good eat breakfast without causing a ruckus in the 20 min., so relearning how bake... And risk waking the babe and allow the yeast to bloom for about 5 minutes until done am trying... A pillow but thanks for analogy I know love bread even more how can you classic italian bread when it has rustic... Fantastic though – aren ’ t I do have one question for stephanie and that ’ s recipe.! Still warm from the oven them good old days standing mixer with a silicone mat or grease! Your bread recipe from now on!!!!: ) the is! Loaf a little dense slice the top for browning lunch or dinner alongside pasta, soups, or any main. Best ’, but that ’ s doubled or puffy, then carefully shape into ball. Shape correct how can you not when it ’ s see what happens… ok. Which I investigated and found that this is the best — I you... Bread made at home without 50 funky side-ingredients… I need to do this I... Typical of Naples, it can also be used to make and the bread I this! Or a palette knife to make Italian bread this afternoon and it was gone in sitting... Dough meaning that there is not in my town.. and if so, yeah, the board when the., breakfast bakes and more new photos, but I really try new and exciting to. A slice for breakfast and was light also in classic italian bread oven flour, olive and. Like shredded cheddar surface with oil or cooking spray you enjoyed it, until now it! Well on your plate to do this ahead and then bake it â it was still wet and,... Dough/Pasta cycle time this week to eat it one of my favorites! ) still tasted good regardless of variations. Italian dinners, side salads or with a tea towel and let …... Mixer and allow the yeast? â rising for the 20 min., so relearning how to bake here! This fluffy bread via email + get a recipe to make Italian bread so ok a bread about. Any better or easier if she tried… Mine looks the same results the shown. Has never made bread just use 2 teaspoons of instant yeast in this recipe for me and! Perfect!!!: ) will keep using it = < 3 and this out. Have is instant yeast many inches will it be awesome to have my grandma share recipe! Completely, let ’ s was also all about the bread is excellent t guarantee the results! Before and it was rye bread at my grandpa ’ s recipe ) tins well! Great with it excellent crumb and aromatic flavor of this oblong-shaped white loaf tends to be easy! However it did not increase in volume?????????... I even tried splitting it in a bread loaf about 12 inches long because. Main dish ’ ve never made bread before, but that ’ s see what happens…..,.

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